Promiscuity Undone




I have a  blog {just started} that speaks directly to women who desire healing in their lives regarding promiscuity and intimacy. If that’s you, join us!

2 thoughts on “Promiscuity Undone

  1. Dear Marian,I was deeply touched by your work on Promiscuity Undone. I, too, went through this in my 20’s. I was so blessed that God sent me an amazing man and healed me in the processing of marrying him just last year. Thank God! I am a musician and was inspired to write and produce an album of my experience and I really want to share it with you.

    Here are some lyrics from, “Forgive me, Lord”

    For the lies, found on my lips,
    for the harlot in my hips,
    I’m a child in your heart
    and you set me back to start, Oh
    You set me back to start

    Is there an email address I can send it to? I hope that it might help other women find healing. This is a subject that is also so dear to my heart. Thank you for having the courage to talk about it and making the time to reach out to other women. You look like you have your hands full=) Thank you, I think you are awesome.


    1. Heather, I don’t know what I’m more taken by, your song, your voice, or your beautiful bravery! I love it. I went to your bio hoping beyond hope that you lived in Nashville. I’m teaching a breakout at ALIVE conference @ Lifeway and was thinking, “Oh my word…wouldn’t it be beautiful if she’d come sing this for us right there in the classroom where women have come to find healing?” Want to drive to Nashville?

      Would you want to make the album the music of the Promiscuity blog? 😉 Thank you for the encouragement. Promiscuity is a glass wall still unbroken in church conversation. It will take a whole lot of voices to bring movement to the conversation. Hugs and love to you.

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