Our women: Why you don’t get to murder in our name.

My skin crawled as I read it. You rape our women. As though, just because my skin matches yours, you get to claim ownership over me. I’d shake free of our sameness, if I could, and stand baring only souls. If we were to speak of our sameness then, our conversation would be only silence.

Our women…

We do not belong to you. We do not descend from a lineage of hatred. We were not raised to look down at others, but up. We don’t point fingers with false accusations but hold hands in multiplied collaboration.

Our women…

You said to a room full of our sisters—our sisters who were talking with our Jesus and you interrupted the conversation. You transitioned it from a prayer to a presence. You thought it was your right just because you were able. But I’m telling you…watch…you are ushering in glory. You will make those who reject the division of races work that much harder to rub salve on the wound. We will name the injury and develop steps of healing. It will be purposeful, intentional, and it will be a love-response to hate-crime.

Our women…

You stood blind in a room with two women for every man and you accused them of rape and control before raping them of life. You spent an hour listening to their heart and their hope before appointing yourself judge and sentencing. You are a white man who violently stole from the black community in the name of white women and we will not acknowledge you.

Our women…

Instead, we women will watch the black community rise up in response and we will stand beneath them, holding them up so that their message is heard. I heard they spoke of forgiveness, that they lead the way in peace. This is a people worthy to follow and we will pour ourselves out on their behalf if they’d so have us. Because we belong to each other.

And not a one of us belongs to you.


sage hand


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