Intimacy of the Mind: A Conversation Happening There

Quote Isabelle Holland // Graphic Flickr Creative Commons user BK // Photo Flickr Creative Commons Natesh Ramasamy
Quote Isabelle Holland // Graphic Flickr Creative Commons user BK // Photo Flickr Creative Commons Natesh Ramasamy

Way back in July, when I had the awesome idea of making a video blog {before I realized a video blog would require that I shower and fix my hair and look decent}, I introduced you all to this revelation:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself. Mt. 22. 36-40

If you’ve been hanging around church culture for more than a year, you know by now that this is the Greatest Commandment, thus named by the young lawyer who asked Jesus the question.

Also, seemingly, the Impossible Commandment.

Jesus might have named it, The Summary Commandment for he said, “All the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

When he said “hang,” was he using it metaphorically, or literally? Because somedays, I feel like I do a lovely job of hanging myself out to dry on this. Sometimes I live by the motto: “Shield you heart, silence your soul, worry your mind, and self-protect your body. And love yourself because you have a lot of healing to do and others are hard to trust.”

Contextually, I think ‘hang’ translates into ‘depends.’ We can lean into God for everything about grace leads us to this place of intimacy.

So it was in this passage that God unfolded the concept of intimacy. As I struggled through a dry and lonely season in marriage, He took me to this scripture and started the conversation like this:

Intimacy = heart + soul + mind + body

heart + soul + mind + body = all of you

Love with all of you and you will experience intimacy.

Loving God with my whole self was a safe place to start. And soon, it seemed tangible that I could take that intimacy with God and allow it to overflow into my marriage. It was a showering, a run-off, of grace.

And the first place it ran was through my mind. So today, we start the journey of healing our thoughts.

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