When the Funk Sets In

Or punches.

And knocks the breath out of you.

Because you weren’t expecting it. Everything was just fine yesterday. 

What do you do?

How to you punch the funk back?

How to you stop wearing the mask that everything is fine when you–at this moment–feel deflated?


I have three things on my list:

Throw a dance party for one. Mine have to happen in the car. This is the only time I’m ever alone. So in about T-5 minutes, I’m headed to get coffee and will be cranking up the radio in my rockin’ minivan. I’m going to make someone’s day at the stoplight.

Drink coffee. Just kidding. But really, it does help. And with the coffee in hand, perhaps some rest is due. Curl up on the couch under a blanket. Pull a child or a book onto your lap. And just rest in the moment. Sorrow and funk can give us time for reflection. Don’t rush it. Let the funk clear your junk. {These are the quotes I come up with, people.}

And after the couch siesta is over, plug into someone else. Often my funk is because I’m looking in the mirror a bit too often. We’re headed out tonight with some new friends and I cannot wait. I can’t wait to hear about their life and learn about their kids. I can’t wait to find out what their passions are because life invites life. When I’m feeling a bit breathless and ragged over here, I’m going to tap into your rhythm.

I said three, but I lied. Blame it on the funk.

In everything give thanks. Even in the most deflated of places, I’m so grateful to be here. I’m so grateful for this place and these people and the smell of clean laundry and the sounds of giggles and a marriage that was cracked but repaired and a life that was filthy but made clean–even if the spin cycle wears me out sometimes.

It’s Friday. And I’m going to kick the Friday funk in it’s derriere.

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “When the Funk Sets In

  1. Your quote is a fine one indeed! “Don’t rush it. Let the funk clear your junk.” Quotable for sure 🙂 I appreciate your suggestion to just be with the the sorrow, the junk, or whatever we are feeling. Trying to think about it, or push it away, hide it, fade it, or fix it just isn’t the answer a lot of the time. Often, simply allowing ourselves to be with whatever is going on and really feel it lets it flow right through us. Looking outside of ourselves and “plugging into someone else” as you said, is such a wonderful next step! I believe it is the quickest way out of funk. Can I be serving someone or some greater cause right now instead of dwelling on whatever doesn’t feel so good? Can I connect with my kids, a loved one I haven’t talked to lately, or the one who gave me this precious life and offer up some thanks right about now for all of the blessings he has given me? In everything give thanks, even the spin cycle….well said Marian!

    1. Anne, I love that you take time to talk to me here! Thank you so much for your words and wisdom. Yes to everything you said!

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