A Moment in the Life of Sonia (“Chiki”) – Confident, and Beautiful, and Hungry…to Learn.

It was our last day of preschool for the week. Time to call the names of those who hadn’t sat in the chair this week. What chair, you ask? The time out chair.

With twenty preschoolers who are just learning the ins and outs of a classroom, what is expected of them, and how they can help create the best learning environment for them and their friends–the time out chair gets a few visitors during the week.

But at the end of the week, there is a celebration for those who are TOC-free. Watch as Chiki helps Jason call out names, and is then surprised at the last person she calls:

Chiki (Or Sonia) needs a sponsor. For $50 a month you can help Freedom International Ministries get their preschool off the ground. Your child will write to you, you will watch her learn and grow, and have the opportunity to travel to meet her.

For Sonja (and other children who could be blessed by your sponsorship which ends the cycle of poverty through Christian education, go to Freedom International’s website.


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