48 Hours

I didn’t announce it much (I left that to my husband and his facebook status) but he and I headed back to the Dominican this week. I was so moved by the work going on here last year that I had to come back and show him. I needed him to see and understand.

The missionaries here have been busy since last August!

  • In 9 short months they have a preschool going with 20 kids attending–and teen helpers ( I loved watching them!).
  • They have 3 levels of English being taught–three levels! And students in all three levels aging from preschool to adult 50+.
  • They have a study of Ephesians.
  • Land has been chosen to purchase for the school campus. We drove by it today and it comes complete with limon and mango trees.

For those of you who know me, you know my heart is to see the gospel wrapped in flesh–alive and living through actions of love. You know that I love watching the cycle of poverty broken and hearing stories of men, women, and children learning to live a life that gives God glory through their passions.

And you know I love watching the body of Christ in America channel dollars and cents to impact the kingdom of God–because we are SO blessed.

Would you help me? Here’s what I would love to do: Get some kids sponsored! This is HUGE. I met each of these kiddos today, helped Alfredo write his numbers, sang a song with Sonia, and prepped crafts with Rosita. I watched Obaldo write the letter ‘n’ on the dry wipe board and give the eyebrow raise of pride to Nathan.

I have 48 hours left with these 20 kiddos and I’d love to have 5 of them sponsored before I leave. 

Go and read about these kiddos. Sponsor a child, provide a bi-lingual, Jesus-centered education, and choose to use the blessings of America to impact children of God. Plus, Jason (the founder of Freedom) said you can come down and visit your kid anytime. Seriously? Pack me in your bags please.

Here are the links. Please, please take time to read and pray about it. I don’t think God would say ‘no’, but you can ask Him. 😉

All my love from the big DR, Marian

Go Here:



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