Six Weeks Changed


Known By God

Ten years, I knew you as my one salvation.

Never asking: Is there more than destination?

Then I saw you in the most peculiar of faces.

Hungry, naked, feet cracked, still singing praises.

And I walked among your streets and through your houses.

Snapped shots, shared my hair, and feared the louses.

Foreign names tickled my tongue, but spelled out Jesus.

Orphans cheered ‘cause we were there. “Someone sees us.”

And all I knew crashed all around my self-idolatry.

Yes I was changed, never the same, and then you called to me.

From the text, two thousands old, I heard your heart beat.

I almost missed it; life pulsed from pages, humble authority.

And that you died, arms stretched wide, embraced my depravity.

Foundations shook, and I mistook, the gospels’ gravity.

That letting go, giving warmth to cold, was not a suggestion.

Far from familiarity I gain divine clarity—you’re the only possession.

Set me on fire, Lord allow me burn, and give them heat.

Rain from heaven, overflow my soul, onto all I meet.

For your glory, not my own—my blackened mirrors

Reflect no more—narcissism in the arrears.

So here I stand, broken, willing and jealous

Of a Generation who saw flesh on bones. I’ll be zealous

For those who didn’t know Love had a name, I’ll speak loudly

Echo Your heart, with feet and hands, Gospel resounding.



3 thoughts on “Six Weeks Changed

  1. Beautifully spoken.
    Beautifully touched.
    So that others may be touched by the gospel that has touched you and changed you.
    Eternity etched in the deepest places of your heart…in the most personal of ways.

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