Letting Go of Everywhere But Here

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For lent, I gave up the desire to be anywhere else except where I am. I was struggling with overall discontentment. I was lonely and felt like I was turning down opportunities to hang out, and was fighting the desire for change and adventure.

What I needed was a healthy dose of beauty in the everyday.

Reflecting today on my fast so far, these are some of the moments I might have missed:

Four hours in a hotel lobby, sitting by a broken fireplace, drinking coffee, telling stories, swapping apps, and talking life with three friends. Busyness would have told me to get out, go see the town, and not to waste precious hours away from home just sitting in a hotel lobby. But when one of the girls came down sick, the rest of us decided to keep her company, and I was blessed by the stillness with each other.

A meeting face-to-face with another pastor’s wife. I am always filled and overflowing when I meet with other women in the ministry. Their strength inspires me. Their stories fuel me to keep pressing forward. Their hearts impress upon mine and I realize that this bond of sister-hood is stronger than I realized. There’s no reason we should have been able to fit so much talk into such short time, but we were both content in that carved out moment. And our face-to-face time became a sanctuary.

Sitting by my husband on the couch, even when I didn’t like the show. Our feet touched, our legs swapping warmth as we shared a blanket and peace covered this quiet time.

Reading to the kids when they asked, instead of stressing about the assignment I was working on, erased apprehension and colored me happy. Kisses healed the stresses of the day and snickers drowned out the commencement of the ‘wild rumpus.’ My wild things are make me wild with love.

Yesterday’s unexpected hang-out with another mom as we talked about curriculum and books and scripture. It wasn’t planned. If we had tried, we both would have said we’re too busy. Instead, she slipped her shoes off at the door and we fell onto my couch. She listened to the failures of my day; I shared books that would take their biblical studies in a new direction—and it was sweet community that left me grateful we didn’t fail by making plans.

So how about you? What if, together, we stopped trying to think ahead of what needs to be done and where we desire to be? Instead, we can enjoy the moment and embrace the people who are living that moment with us.


5 thoughts on “Letting Go of Everywhere But Here

  1. “What if, together, we stopped trying to think ahead of what needs to be done and where we desire to be? Instead, we can enjoy the moment and embrace the people who are living that moment with us.”
    What a breath. Its incredible how much more alive you feel when you slow down and live in the moment. And how you find cherished moments that you would have otherwise missed. Beautiful. And very inspiring. I might just have to start making more of an effort. Its so hard to stop planning out every bit of the future and just let every day be enjoyed as it is.I am always challenged by you. Thank you! Love you lady!

  2. Drink it in…beyond lent my friend. It’s where I’ve been trying to live too!

    Thx for letting us peek in.

  3. This is especially hard to do when u are a student with constant deadlines looming around every corner. I feel so anxious when I lose my “date book”…. so sad. I loved this post.

    1. Thank you, Charissa! I just linked to yours, too. Wow! What a beautiful heart you have for Jesus. I am so grateful to connect with you across miles and an ocean. Have a wonderful Thursday.

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