Weekend Re-cap, Discover the Joy 2012

I spoke out of the material developed for A Bad Girl’s Guide to Intimacy for the first time this weekendWhat I witnessed among those beautiful faces before me was something unreal. God met them there, in that material, in that overly hot classroom that felt like a sauuw-nah (I love that Progressive commercial so much).

While I spoke, I watched as God’s Word re-opened issues and began to heal. It was gorgeous. And I was reminded that this thing I have been called to do–this teaching of His Word to beautiful women–is a task that is far beyond myself and yet he allows me to witness transformation and healing.

Perhaps what blew my mind the most was the sweet intertwining of the theme between workshops and the main sessions that weekend. The same theme and scriptures were taught from in various classrooms. Unintentionally, not choreographed by women–but most certainly orchestrated by a divine God. These women this weekend, myself included, left changed.

So, thank you, Discover the Joy 2012. You left me humbled, awed, and ready for more. Be blessed.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Re-cap, Discover the Joy 2012

  1. I can only imagine the deep places God touched because of your willingness, obedience and love for these women!
    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. I was one of those blessed to attend your first session. I listened completely amazed at your gift of covering the material while making light hearted jokes, and heartfelt sincerity. I was completely unpreprepared for the depth of emotion that your words tapped into; I had tears streaming from about two minutes into your message. Thank you and God bless you for reminding me that I had exchanged God’s truth for a lie. I fully intend to go forward from here with a new perspective in my relationship (or lack thereof) with my husband. Sending up prayers for your book, and can’t wait to read it when it’s released…and thrilled to have been able to find your blog.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. I was so blessed to have you all! I felt the same way–completely unprepared how God would use the time I had spent studying and searching through his Word, along with my story, to impact other ladies. It was incredible to watch–humbling to be a part of. To think that in one hour and fifteen minutes God shifted your paradigm in a way that will bless you marriage…WOW! Thank you so much for finding me here, and for letting me know that God used me to impact your life. You have know idea how much that means to me. All the best! I hope I see you here again soon! Love, Marian

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