Letters to My Younger Self – “Full-Grown Dreams”

Today’s author is Hether Wright. This is part of a series. If you’d like to add your voice to the collaboration, please email me: mariangreen5 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I know that life has not always been easy for you. You tried so long to be the person everyone wanted you to be, going against who you were and feeling as if you always fell short. We’ve all been there. But you need to know. You have been lied to. The devil cried “worthless” and you wholeheartedly believed, clinging to his words because they provided identity. You believed your shortcomings only proved his point. You fell into his web and as hard as you fought, you were stuck. The spider received his prey.

Fight back. Please, with everything you have. Fight back.

You doubt your abilities because you’ve been told you’ll never be able to achieve. A classmate once told you that your fate was to get married, quit school, have kids and never amount to anything. Why did you listen? Don’t you realize that raising well-grounded, Christ filled children is the most successful thing you can do? If that is all you did it would be satisfying. But if you feel you need to do more, do it!

You are capable of achieving everything you dream of, and more. You need to begin to believe it. Please believe it! You need to fight against that web. Find a way to break free from the molds you’re not meant to fit in. You know that your vision of success is not the same as society’s. You know that your value comes from a higher power. That identity found in Christ is the ultimate purpose. You know that through Him all things are possible. You know that He created you to make a difference, whether it be small or large. It’s up to you to stop fighting against the gifts He gave you and embrace them. Become who He wants you to be!

I know it’s hard to change habits that you’ve lived with for so long. How do you teach your brain words of affirmations, when they’ve only known words of disapproval? How do you accept yourself after fighting for so long against who you are? God will help you. He’s already working. You’ve felt it. You feel His grip tighter than ever before. Please don’t let go. Cling to his promises of love and acceptance and they will provide you identity. And a better life than you can even imagine.

God does not have a magic cookie cutter that he created us all out of. He had an extra special one for you. He created you to be you! Not everyone else. So go out there and live; truly live. You know that you deserve an exceptional life. And you will have one. But the change has to start in you.
For 8 years, Hether Wright has challenged me to see the world differently and to question what I ‘know’ against the Word of God. Her life is raw, real, and most beautiful in the moments that aren’t. Hether has recently unearthed her love for writing, which has been aging gracefully within years of silence. I challenge you to read Adventures Wright Here and join her in the journey of dreaming big and living full in the very place God has you.

2 thoughts on “Letters to My Younger Self – “Full-Grown Dreams”

  1. Oh how I can relate to the devil calling me worthless and wholeheartedly believing.
    What encouragement you offer to your younger self and to those of us who can read and relate all too well with your words.
    You have offered hope. Thank you.
    You have offered identity in Christ. What a gift.

    Thanks for allowing your love for writing to age so gracefully in your silence, but whats more…thank you for breaking free from the silence so that we might drink deeply from your words.

    Much love!

    1. Thank you! Its still a letter I need to read to myself frequently. I actually rewrote my original letter into this letter and directed this one more to myself now (and also the past). I liked this one much better than my original.

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