Letters To My Younger Self – “Hands-Off”

This past month, I’ve started living life alongside teenage girls once again and I have to say — it was a long three years of separation. There is something special about young women. Their life is unfolding–the corners of their giftedness pulled back just-so. Their laughter fills me. Their trust humbles me. Let me introduce you to a young woman whom we watched bloom and grow several years ago. She is all woman now–all godly and glorious woman. And the reconnecting has been been good. Kari, so proud of you. You can read more of her beautiful reflections at If Words Could Save You. This letter is part of a series. To add your voice to the collaboration email me.

Love is going to find you someday.

Until then, don’t let the world allure you with its temptation. Don’t let your “friends” convince you that having something is better than having nothing. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

You deserve the fairytale.

Don’t sacrifice your boundaries for any boy. He should want to discover what’s inside your heart before he ever discovers what’s inside your clothes. He should treat you like a princess, not like a prostitute. You are more than one-night. He should want to be with you because of who you are, not because of what you’ll do.

You are worth waiting for.

Believe that your convictions are significant. It’s okay to not be like everyone else. It’s okay to be inexperienced. And, it’s okay to say no.

I promise you this – lust will never stand in for love. It will only break your heart. It will steal your innocence, shatter your trust, and diminish your hope. It will leave you empty and wanting more. Lust is a drug, and it will destroy you.

There is a love worth waiting for.

A love that will never ask you to compromise who you are for its affections. It will never abandon you for someone else. This love will fight for you, again and again and again. It will fill you. It will bring you joy. This love will accept you – every part of you. It will give you everything. It will give you life.

Love is going to find you someday.

His name is Jesus. He is worth the wait, worth it all.

From Kari: I am a recent college graduate — crazy to think that my schooling days have come to an end. I majored in English and Writing; I just got a full time job at Wells Fargo. Makes sense right? Regardless, writing is a passion I will never give up. And so, here we are. I write from the heart. That could mean anything and everything from God to boys to coffee to friends to life in general to random rants and family. I hope you enjoy it — all of it.

2 thoughts on “Letters To My Younger Self – “Hands-Off”

  1. Imagine the hope that can be drawn from these words to your younger self. Hope for a generation coming after you who need to hear it…over and over again…loud and clear…soft and sincere…it’s all worth it…YOU…Kari are worth it!
    Thanks for sharing your letter…your heart.


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