Broken Hearts Leak Love

My husband asked the question “What breaks your heart?” The responses were beautiful:

 – Christians fighting.

 – Everything that IJM is fighting against

 – I can’t go into hospitals without my heart breaking… I just want to help everyone… the young, the old, the hurt, the dying, the broken. God bless them all. (thanks, I’m gettin all teary-eyed) Actually that’s the main reason I became a soldier and then a firefighter, I’ll stand for you when you don’t have the strength.

– Parents abandoning their families and/or spouses because they think they could have a better shot somewhere else. There is such a scary lack of conviction, morality, and unconditional love in the family life these days. It’s not taken seriously.

– Watching people I love destroying their lives all around me, and not being able to do a thing about it…

– Children in foster care. Child abuse. Orphans.

– The thought that many of the people you see around you, whether it be your neighbors, those driving on the roads, the people at the mall, or the people that you work with, are going through this life without the God who made them and who loves them, and who could change their lives completely.

I see people and situations all around me that chip away at my heart and I try to gather the small pieces that crumble off–offering them as a heart band-aid. Here, use some of mine to patch yours until it heals.

What breaks my heart?

So much. I often feel I serve people in a similar manner to the way I clean my house. I stand in the middle of a room and turn—once, twice, three times. I can’t decide where to start, there is so much to do. Do I want to sort papers or put away books? Do I need to organize classroom bins or dust shelves? Do I need to vacuum and mop, or clean windows? Do I need to sit down, because it will all just be a mess again tomorrow?

This is how I feel about the hurts in the world. I am reading Katie Davis’ book right now Kisses From Katie  and she writes of working in a third world country, “I feel like I am emptying the ocean with an eye-dropper. And just when I have about half a cup of water it rains…”

Yes. I am across the ocean, feet on American soil, and I feel the same way. I told Nathan the other day that I feel as though I am living a chapter of Acts, when my heart desires to live the entire Gospel. How? How do I live with gospel simplicity so that my home, my heart, my pockets are open to those who need it?

Teach me to let go. If I have to spin circles, let me spin, but I pray that I distribute love, smiles, and tangible resources with each pass I take.

“To minister, you have to be where the pain is… Where there is pain, there is healing. Where there is mourning, there is dancing. Where there is poverty, there is kingdom… We are sent to wherever there is poverty, loneliness, and suffering to have the courage to be with people. Trust that by throwing yourself into that place of pain you will find the joy of Jesus.” -Henri Nouwen


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