Letters to My Younger Self – I Love You, Please Eat

This is part of a series. All contributing letters come from readers of Uprooted & Undone. To join the collaboration, email mariangreen5@gmail.com.

Dear younger self,

From your older, wiser self, I want you to know that you deserve good things! As God loves you–no matter what–it is time for you to love you, too. You deserve happiness… and you especially deserve to eat!

By the way, you also DO deserve a great guy (and psst- you’re going to get one!).

Nothing you have done makes you unworthy of good things, of happiness in life, of love–of food. And, no, not loving yourself well doesn’t make you further of a disappointment to God. Please, stop beating yourself up about that one, too. You are an awesome person to God. Even right this miserable minute!

You have to fully have faith in God’s unconditional love and forgiveness.

And then you have to start loving you.

When you do, you’ll see all the good God wants you to have. Go eat, nourish yourself, and enjoy the richness of your life that God has blessed you with.

From your older, wiser, 25lb healthier self


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