Letters to My Younger Self

Photo by IvoryBlushRoses.blogspot.com

Girl, put a sweater on. Seriously. You think you are looking for love but are advertising self-loathing.

If it is love you want, instead of going out tonight you should consider staying, renting a movie, making some hot chocolate, and calling your girlfriends to do the same. What if they say no? Yes, it’s true. You might hear the stories of the fun they had and the guy they met, and for a second you’ll feel a twinge of jealousy.

But next week, when he doesn’t call her, your heart will remain whole while she is out, trying to fill the hole dug by rejection.

Girl, put a sweater on. Seriously. The world is a cold, cold place until you find the warmth of God. Until you fall into His embrace. Those arms wrapped around you last Saturday night, a pair once so familiar to you within a relationship so volatile–what were you thinking? Why did you run backward? Run forward, with abandon, and don’t stop until you find the Source.

Girl, put a sweater on. Seriously. This journey you are on is one of exfoliation and the layers will offer you safety until the day you stand bare before a God who knows you more than you know yourself.

Love, You.


If you’d like to have a letter to your younger self posted on uprooted & undone, email me: mariangreen5@gmail.com.


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