Real Life Challenge: Cancer – When the Body Gives

Hey friends & family,

I have an invitation for you. We have a musician in our church who is fighting cancer. When I say fight, I mean he’s been treading water for so long that swimming has become as essential to life as inhaling, exhaling, and inhaling again. He wants nothing more than to see God deliver him–heal his body.

Like many in his situation, he has lost his job and his home, but he continues to serve every Sunday–coming in right after chemo in the morning–to escort us to the heart of God.

His body fades but his resilience has never been stronger.

In the meantime, his wife works two jobs and their insurance has capped out. He must prioritize between medications, food, or fuel.

Just a few moments ago, he called my husband from the food bank. He was just released from the hospital after a seizure and he is picking up some food before heading home.

I have a matching promise of $1,000 if we can raise another thousand. This is small–we can do this! $5 here or there equals another gallon of gas, a jug of milk and a loaf of bread.

We are a small church with global connections. Thanks for your help!

Email me at

OR donate via Paypal:


or send your tax-deductible donation to:

Cornerstone Community Church

3004 Berkmar Drive

Charlottesville, VA 22963.


3 thoughts on “Real Life Challenge: Cancer – When the Body Gives

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! This is going to really be a big help to them. I love watching people come together like this. We have 440 raised…with matching makes it $880. That’s a lot of gas and groceries.

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