Scale Down

A while ago, I posted on the wastefulness of storage and savings, and whether or not I thought my savings account stunk to God. Sleepy Morning Manna sticks with me. In some ways I’ve risen to the challenge, in most I’ve ignored the call.

What are your top three areas of excess or waste? I’ve been challenged this week by a blog-favorite of mine: Shaun Groves. Read this and start cataloging the excess in your life. Start imagining that daily bread.

The next day I stumbled upon Jen Hatmaker’s book “7” — to be released in January. I inserted the video below.

Read and watch. And then come back and help me think in black and white (read: dialogue below!).

Food isn’t a big deal for us. A year ago, after coming home from Ethiopia, I stopped filling the pantry on pay days and started buying only what we needed for the week. We’ve saved $60/week on groceries and I don’t need more cabinet space.

  • But when I open my closet…
  • Or realize I have a shed bigger than most of the world’s homes
  • Or walk through my house where I have two full sets of dishes, two couches, two cars…It’s a regular Noah’s ark in here…housing all my not-so-precious cargo by the pair.

What areas could you trim back? Help me rise to the challenge. Spur my creativity.

And then get ready, because we’re going to have to let go so others may know love.


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