Investing in Humanity — The Need to Hope (Part 3 of 3)

We can see when Hope is alive:
The difference between “good enough” and “believing for more” is right before our eyes.

I diagnosed myself this week with something I didn’t know existed: Mission-Depression; the sense of deflation when one realizes life must resume, children must be fed, laundry done, groceries bought.

It’s a deflation when you realize that you are able to help, but it has to be from a distance — for now — and you aren’t sure what that looks like since you just spent a few days immersed in the hands-on.
I’ve been reading through Acts these past few weeks and I’ve just been amazed at the harmony and unity Luke was able to convey in the body of Christ at that time. There were some arguments going down — over things like circumcision, and Jews and Gentiles eating together.

But there was so much good! If the spirit of God said Pray and Go, guess what the people did? They prayed and went!

If God needed Paul to cross into Macedonia, he sent him a vision of a man on the other side — total clarity if you ask me.

When Priscilla and Aquila met Apollos — a bold young speaker from Egypt who was just slightly skewed in his theology of Jesus — they didn’t hesitate to take him under their wing and teach him right.

God’s Spirit, not individually deposited in each of us, but the same spirit extends through us and into others, all originating from Him first.

Harmony. Unity. Needs of the Nations. Commissioning. Mentoring. Loving. Going.

When we see the Spirit of God at work, we can’t help but long to be a part of it.

How can you help those who have been brave enough to leave all comfort and go?

We came home with a list of ideas.

Some where as simple as collecting vitamins for the children whose black hair was highlighted from malnutrition.

Others were more complicated, like hosting a fundraising dinner so capital can be raised for the land and school.

Still, outside of money and resources, one of the greatest needs they had were people on the ground. It’s the concept of “Go.”

Abraham went. Moses went. Deborah went with Barak. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Daniel, Ezekiel, all went to speak the words of the Lord. Jonah went to Ninevah. John went before Jesus. Jesus went to the depths of sin and back. The apostles went into all the world.

Someone reading this is called to go. Some are called to support those who go. (Email me, that young couple to the left needs your help getting there.)

Consider investing your resources where God is moving? The children of those sugarcane villages are about to have a school — and education — made available to them through the money and resources God filters through us. An education can break the cycle of poverty, it can bring hope to their small hearts, it can unlock doors in the chambers of their minds. 

It can bring glory to God. 

Which is what it’s all about. Remember when the Israelites collected more than their share of manna — do you remember what happened to the surplus? It grew maggots. When they tried to store excess that God had provided for others, their surplus turned rotten.

Let’s be challenged to let go of the extra.

Thanks, Freedom, for giving me space to see, grow, and believe that we can make a difference — that we can sow Hope.


This is a continuation of a call we can answer to the Dominican, or any other hurting part of the world for that matter. My purpose in writing is to expose you to a ministry in which I believe you can be part of the answer. Part 1 can be found hereFreedom International Ministries was our hosting organization. You can learn more about them here.


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