Investing in Humanity with Giftedness — Unwrapped?

The purpose? I love planning structured blogs because inevitably I deviate from the structure. I can’t help myself. But I do have a quote from last week that’s been marinating in my soul for the past few days…You can tell when I am thinking through things, those who know me know that I start to mix word pictures…creating a mosaic of images that help me (but confuse others?). We’ll see…

I woke up blurry eyed in the Regan airport to see this spectacular sunrise. 
Evidently, my camera felt the same.

The talk went down a little like this:

“We are meant to have a relationship with others

A relationship with God

And to operate within our own personal giftedness so that we might bring glory to Him.”

Jason, Freedom International

I was tempted to make it a check list. Yep, I have friends. Yep, love God. Yep, I have gifts and I am totally–

Am I totally operating within them?

I woke up this morning and realized I feel like a present left behind the tree on Christmas afternoon.

I’m all wrapped up with no where to go.

Little pieces of my paper have been torn away in the hustle and bustle and shoving of gifts behind the the tree-and there I am, in the corner, waiting for someone to find me.

Operate in my giftedness? Please. I would love to, but just when does the Lord plan on unwrapping me?

Forehead to the carpet as the sun was rising, God reminded me of this verse. I want to share it with you:

2 Timothy 2.20-21, also known as one of Paul’s pastoral espistles:

Now in a large house, there are not only gold and silver bowls, but also those of wood and earthenware, some for special use, some for ordinary. So if anyone purifies himself from these things, he will be a special instrument, set apart, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

Gold, silver, wood or earthenware… I have always loved the latter.

Set apart for special use, some for ordinary.

My everyday plates are chipped — at least the ones that are left — and I still love them. They’ve served birthday cake for all my children and late night dinners for my husband and me. They’ve served company that’s passed through our home.

These everyday dishes have framed exquisite culinary experiments and nitrate-infested hot dogs.

These everyday dishes live life with us.

Notice Paul says that if we purify ourselves from these things, we can be set apart — another way to say made holy — and useful to God.

More than anything — anything — I believe we desire to be useful in our giftedness. And while we may daydream of being that silver or gold bowl, when it comes right down to it, how many of us would be happy in a glass case? Only to be brought out for the highest of occasions?

So then, what shall we say, you and I? 

Maybe I am a present shoved behind a tree on Christmas afternoon. But maybe that’s a lie.

Perhaps the truth is that I am being used everyday in the smallest of ways. And those chips that are coming out of me are actually chiseling away, sculpting me exquisite — exquisite from the ordinary.

Am I operating in my giftedness for the glory of God?

No, not all of it. There are still some gifts I can name, but are latent. Others I have yet to discover.

But will I harbor resentment over what I am NOT doing? Or choose to find joy in the everyday?

I hung out last week with a group of girls in college and their confidence struck me. At the age of 20, they already knew what they were gifted in — bound for greatness!

I am 31 and just starting to piece it all together.

Does that mean I have arrived late? Or just on time?

The sun is always rising on the horizon, whether or not you see it depends on where you stand.


4 thoughts on “Investing in Humanity with Giftedness — Unwrapped?

  1. Does that mean I have arrived late? Or just on time? In answer to your question… opinion is your faith in the Lord in many ways is new. You are just beginning to open your wings and fly. One day you will look back to notice you are soaring. Ask the Lord to show you your gifts and talents and how He wants you to use them to bring Him glory:)

  2. Thank you Judy! I think you are quite right…very new in so so so many ways! Which keeps it fresh, too, I hope. Your encouragement is sweet to my eyes. Hugs.

  3. The part where you talked of fine china that only gets pulled out for special occasions made me think back to my “special” wine glasses. One of my favorite wedding presents from last year. I have used them on a regular basis for everyday events as if they were my earthenware plates (which I also have). But, in the last month, 3 out of 4 of my beautiful glasses have shattered all over the floor. The first time one broke, I cried, literally. The second time, I teared up. But by this third time, I picked up the pieces and simply got out the last glass I have left. As much as I love those glasses, they really do not achieve their purpose without being used. Even if this means being continually broken from repeated usage. God is just beginning to prod me in realization that my intended purpose is not fulfilled if I am never taken off the shelf. Yes, this does mean I may be repeatedly broken from the wear and tear, but through it all. I will fulfill his purpose for me. The beautiful thing is, unlike my glasses, He can mend me. Thank you for your post. God is using you today in my life, and I am grateful for that!

  4. Courtney! I responded to you on Facebook, but it should be known in public how precious your words are to me. Miss you so.

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