Love is…?

Summer, summer. Where are you going? I barely saw your face before you turned your back on me!
This week commences my initial planning for the fall. I have two major events to plan: School for the kids and material for a marriage retreat.
Funny how I feel qualified for neither.
As I’m asking God what He’d have me say to these couples, I’ve been going back to all the basics and asking for a fresh set of eyes.
Today I was in Corinthians, trying to wrap my mind around love. Praying the words so familiar from wall plaques, Valentine cards, and (cringe) marriage conferences would come back alive.
Love is patient…
-When I yell at my children because their room is not clean.
-When I snip at my husband because his tools are scattered throughout the house–markers for his half-finished projects.
-When I smack the behind of my dog because she doesn’t believe me when I say her shadow isn’t going anywhere—but the paint on my walls will.
-When I remind God that I’d have a lot more time for Him if he’d just lessen the load a little.
-Patience when my daughter lies.
-Or my boys track in mud.
-Or my husband needs me to get off the screen and focus on him.
Wait a minute, there’s a note there….on the bottom of the page. Patience is the capacity to be wronged and not retaliate.
Read that again.
That’s a whole new spin on the very thing I thought I knew… It shifts the finish line to the right a little–me thinking I was headed toward the goal of never getting frustrated when I should be praying the Lord stretches the wine-skin (that is me) and increase my capacity.
Greater capacity to be wronged and not retaliate.
Increase my volume so that my love might be loud.

One thought on “Love is…?

  1. Thanks for pouring some calm into my morning!Patience is also, perhaps, the contented acknowledgement that God is the author of time and gives us exactly the amount we need for each day's calling. . . .

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