In class we’ve been studying suffering and our birth bent toward sin. We’ve covered the wickedness of Nineveh and the prejudice of Israel—Israel so puzzled that God would extend His grace and forgiveness to anyone other than them.
Below is  a contrast of verses from what I deserve to what I’ve been given. Hope it blesses you…
I Deserve:
Hot Coals
Festering Boils
Blistered Feet
Hands that toil
Against the lands
That curse my name
Mouths that gossip
My ill-won fame.
A husband who laughs
At my naked form
Children who despise
The day they were born
Friends who steal
And cheat my scales
Parents who mock
My inevitable fails.
A God who chalked
Me up as loss.
Who turned His back
Upon that cross
And corks deaf ears
To my weak prayers
Who hasn’t the time
To number my hairs.
I’m Given:
Cold Drink
Living Water
His Velvet voice
That calls me Daughter
I lift my hands
He makes them prosper
My simple name’s
On heaven’s roster.
A husband who sees
My ashes as beauty
Children whose laughter
Erases my duty
Friends who sow
And I reap harvest
Parents who labored
For dowry garments.
A God who saw me
Wondering. Lost.
Whispered my name
Upon that cross
He who grins
When answering prayers
Shoulders my burden
Eases my fears.

One thought on “Contrast

  1. Hey there lady who shares my name, and my mothers name ~ so good to meet you and read your thoughtful & sound words! I look forward to reading. Although my two littles carry the shade of Ethiopia they are actually from here in the states ~ each a story of God's grace and faithfulness. Thanks for stopping by Marian!!

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