A Bride on Sunday

Today was a first.

I love saying that…firsts. They sprinkle the sparkle of life into everyday.

We had a wedding as our church service. A bride in the Bride of Christ.

It was stunning, as I watched my friend walk down the aisle and I asked myself: Why have we never done this before? Why don’t we marry here, on Sunday, with our church family, on the Sabbath, in the holy of holies we create to remind ourselves…

Of all that has been and all that will be.

I watched a covenant form today. I watched the strands come together in a braid of life eternal and was mesmerized because we

Are able.

Since the first call of the first man we have been given permission to enter into covenant– with Him we don’t deserve yet He who fills us freely…

Until we overflow.

Like my eyes this morning. An overflow…Blessed to witness the covenant. To uphold the Bride and her Groom. Blessed to watch my man perform the ceremony and know that we’ve kept our part of those three strands together for nearly nine years now. 


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