Love, Mom

There's a thing with unity–with family.

It means we operate as one.

It means we rejoice as one.

It means we toil as one.

Yet still this 'oneness' is comprised of many parts that make independent decisions, who have independent struggles, who grow at varying rates and have different seasons of dormancy. And I learned something this week:

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One thought on “Love, Mom

  1. Marian you are brave. You are strong. You heart of flesh is refreshing amongst so many stones. Thank you for grieving over sin still, our hearts need to be touched by it. Thank you for using your voice and allowing details of your life to be known. I am glad for the part you play in the body. I am thankful for the part you have played in my life journey with HIM. It's amazing too, because we are states away, with different beginnings, middles and ends..yet kindred spirits. You do speak grace…don't ever stop, it's like a cold glass of water on a sun scorched day.

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