Hello, My Name’s Eve. That’s spelled M-A-R-I-A-N

Peaches have Pits. Apples have Cores.

Pomegranates have seeds and are messy little boogers, staining fingers, chins, and counter-tops.

But let’s be honest–it doesn’t matter what Eve ate; I would have done the same.

Given enough time, enough sunrises and walks through the garden past that forbidden tree and I would have taken the fruit and eaten it, too. And I would have handed it to Nathan and he would have joined me. It’s the way we work.


Maybe you are stronger than I am; maybe your husband is different than mine. But I know us–Nathan and Marian–and we would have been best buds with that Adam and Eve couple.



I was thinking about her today, on the way into town, because I was thinking about the strength of God in the very core of my being. It hasn’t always been this way: where I can close my eyes to the world around me and feel the strength of His Spirit inside.


There is a strength in my core and it isn’t me. It enables me to shed my earthly skin and be clean of my insatiable desire for more, now, please. It allows me to give of my most precious reserves. It encourages me to take my hands out of my pockets and stop counting the bills. It teaches me to chase after Jesus with abandon–and finally, after 10 years, I can say that I hunger for Jesus more than anything else in life. I long for the day when I can stand on the doorstep of an empty house, hand in hand with my family, and ask God, “What’s next? We sold our anchors, where are we headed?”


I wake up in the morning and He’s the first thing I think about. I place my head on my pillow whispering prayers of good nights.


But it hasn’t always been this way. The core hasn’t always been strong. I’ve stumbled and fallen and stood back up only because His hand pulled mine against gravity.


Because first, I ate with Eve.


But I just have to say, that to me, the fallen fruit is worth it all if it means I get to know Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name’s Eve. That’s spelled M-A-R-I-A-N

    1. Thank you, Judy! You are so fantastic. 🙂
      Likewise, and I am loving your regular posts about your own journey with loss.

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