Jesus Apathy – How to Make it Through the Low Years

This guy doesn't struggle with vision or purpose. He knows exactly what he wants from life–That flower.

We are not done asking the questions:

What moves us? 
Why are we sometimes moved and other times stagnant?
My husband has a book on vision and it says this: 
That vision is birthed from an idea. We become so passionate about this idea that we can even lose sleep at night while we ponder the idea from all sides and at every dimension. Eventually, as we place this idea before the Lord, he allows a vision to be born within our spirit that includes what role we will play.
I like all that quite a bit. But the author also says this:

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4 thoughts on “Jesus Apathy – How to Make it Through the Low Years

  1. This is too funny!! We are going through this very thing right now….(and have in many respects over the years) WE just interviewed for a position in Haiti as missionaries…we feel we are on the edge of something big but also think we many need to wait a few more years..seeking God!

  2. Thanks, all! I am also in that place of having a clear vision and waiting. It's so unusual for me. Normally Nathan and I dive in head first and ask later. This was a hashing out of my thoughts on a personal calling, a family calling, and a ministerial calling. Praying for your families right now!

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