Hard Stop: Kick the Bucket

(Where's a nail and a hammer when I need one? Holy Buckets. That's what we're after.)
I have been been thinking and I need your insight.
When I first encountered Jesus, it was like the fire had been kindled beneath me; my life-dish was still bland, but at least I was cooking. 
As I've grown–people I've met, mentors I've had, conversations I've joined, teaching I've soaked up–all tossed a spice into my pot. My dish is starting to smell savory. My flavor is a little more pleasing.
But this requires people. God-people so that I might be ready to serve Hungry People. Otherwise those Hungry People will spit my dish back out–bland on the palate, mushy to the tongue. 
Everyday tools. Everyday people. Everyday simmering to draw people to Jesus.

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