Urgent Need for Family

Taken From Holt’s Blog:
Caretakers dote on Qiong, and teachers enjoy her helpful and charming attitude. Qiong has a roof over her head and a bed to sleep in a night.
…Today, at 13 years old, Qiong prays for a family too. After all these years, she still carries so much hope with her. “It doesn’t matter if I have brothers or sisters,” she says. “A family to love me will be very nice.” A few moments later Qiong clarifies her statement slightly: “It would be nice to have a big brother and a father who will protect me.”
On September 30th, Qiong turns 14 and loses her international adoption eligibility. Six months from now, Qiong’s hope of having a family of her own will be lost forever.
“All I want is a family,” Qiong says. “Just a family.”
A 13-year-old girl sits on the steps of her school, waiting for a family……
Share this story on your Facebook page, blogs and other social networking sites.  Let’s find Qiong a family…before it’s too late!
For more information on Qiong, contact Erin Mower aterinm@holtinternational.org


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