Pebbles of Greatness

Isaiah 6.13b (NLT) “Israel will remain a stump, like a tree that is cut down, but the stump will be a holy seed that will grow again.”

Some days, I feel like the stump and others the sapling. On Monday my steps can fall with confidence from morning until night and by Tuesday a semi-truck of insignificance can crush even my deepest desires. I need consistency. I need God. I need the light which allows me to see the next step before I forget that I was headed somewhere to begin with.

Oswald Chambers writes, “There is a darkness that comes from too much light—that is the time to listen.”

I’m listening Lord, my soul arches toward the heavens longing to hear the faintest of whispers exhaled by my Savior. Whisper louder, my soul pleads. Come closer, my heart cries. More light, less darkness. More of you, less of me.

This study reflects my journey to find out what makes a man or woman great. God, yes, of course. But what can I offer Him here? What can I return to Him in a form of worship here on earth? How can I offer myself as a free-will offering on a daily basis? Maybe I don’t even want to be great–but good. God has already declared us to be good, you say. Yes, but what about those semi-trucks?

Greatness. Not top-of-my-class, worldly blessed, perfectly sanctified, almost petrified great. Great as in the pebble that is tossed into the Atlantic and ripples are seen by a lost and broken girl on the shores of Virginia, and at the moment she contemplates letting the ocean envelope her, she recognizes the face of God in those ripples and is brought to her knees before Him. That sort of great.

What I have found is that greatness is never a destination, instead it is the product of years of saying ‘yes’ to God when He asks. Greatness is happened upon innocently, in the same way a child unwraps a pretty square of purple paper with the intentions of sticking that purple paper in his pocket of treasures, but lo and behold he finds a sucker beneath! I wish I could stuff the sweet aroma of eternity I have found here, at his feet, but words elude me. Join me in the journey. Inhale with me, and then exhale praises.

If you come back, we’ll start with Abraham tomorrow. The father of many nations, the son of an idol worshiper, man whose vision was so full of light and the following darkness so full of night that he took the promise into his own hands. Abraham whose faith led him on a journey miles away from home, from civilization, from familiarity–and toward God.


One thought on “Pebbles of Greatness

  1. From my mom, who couldn't get her cookies together: Faith often manifests itself the strongest in the times I choose to stop long enough to seek direction from God. After all, it takes faith in no one except self to keep rushing forward with my own agenda rather than stopping to ask direction from the One who knows the best route. Sometimes it is in the quiet of a sunset, the wonder of a blade of grass, the magnitude of the universe, the humor of a cloud parade, or the caress of a sweet breeze that God speaks the most clearly. Just ask a child…The older I get, the more cluttered my mind, heart, and soul can become. I get an agenda, a goal, a lifeplan cast in stone of my own making. I feel I have to do it now — time is running short. Sometimes I forget to just stop and let God be my travel agent. I really want to grab my Bible and my passport and, like Abraham, go on the rest of my journey with God as my travel agent and guide. Not knowing where tomorrow may take me, just knowing that God will tell me what to do when I get there. Oh, for the faith of a child!!!~Theresa

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